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Welcome to the Southeast Fisheries Permit System

The Southeast Regional Office has implemented an online system to renew Federal vessel permits. Eventually, this system will be available to all permit holders. Currently however, online renewal is available for vessels which possess only the following permits.  

  • Gulf of Mexico Charter/Headboat for Coastal Migratory Pelagics (CHG)
  • Gulf of Mexico Charter/Headboat for Reef Fish (RCG)
  • Atlantic Charter/Headboat for Dolphin/Wahoo  (CDW)
  • Atlantic Charter/Headboat for Coastal Migratory Pelagics (CHS) 
  • South Atlantic Charter/Headboat for Snapper-Grouper (SC)
  • Atlantic Dolphin/Wahoo Commercial (ADW) 

Vessels which posses any permits other than those listed above are not currently eligible to submit an online application to renew permits.  


 Please note that this online system allows for permit renewal only. If you want to obtain new or transferred permits please submit a paper application. Also, please note that online applicants may only make changes address information. Applicants should submit a paper application to make any other changes to the vessel owner(s), vessel lessee(s), and/or officers/shareholders of a business that owns or leases the vessel.  

Apply to Renew your Permits Online

To renew your permits on line, you must first redeem your personalized Invitation Code and create an account Username and Password.  The invitation code is case sensitive and has the following format: ABCDwxyz1234.  If you receive an invalid Invitation Code message, ensure the format of your code is correct.

After you have redeemed your invitation code and established an account, please use your Username and Password to log into the online renewal system. 


Terms of Use

This U.S. Government system is to be used by authorized users only. Information from this system resides on computer systems funded by the Government. The data and documents on this system include Federal records that contain sensitive information protected by various Federal statutes, including the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. § 552a. All access or use of this system constitutes user understanding and acceptance of these terms and constitutes unconditional consent to review and action by all authorized Government and law enforcement personnel. Unauthorized user attempts or acts to (1) access, upload, change, or delete information on this system, (2) modify this system, (3) deny access to this system, (4) accrue resources for unauthorized use or (5) otherwise misuse this system are strictly prohibited. Such attempts or acts are subject to action that may result in criminal, civil, or administrative penalties.

Applicants using this online system agree to submit their non-refundable application fee online, via third party vendor Pay Gov. Notification of missing documents, document uploads, and notification of tracking information for mailed permits will be sent to the email address associated with their account.

Redeem your Invitation Code to setup your online renewal account.

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